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Easy Christmas Day Meal Guide

Since you loved my Thanksgiving Meal Guide so much, here is my Easy Christmas Day Meal Guide!

For Thanksgiving I gave you exactly what I use to make a fantastic meal from scratch. I love to spend the whole day in the kitchen that day, I would view it as my love language. Christmas is different. As much as I love to cook and bake, I want to experience the magic with my littles. As I am sure you do too. This is why I came up with a easy menu, with make ahead recipes that you can just plop in the oven and go back to being with family.

Eat tinsel for BREAKFAST and shine all day!

This year for breakfast I wanted something savory. We love having gingerbread pancakes, and you can find that recipe here, but we wanted things to be super simple for you. I found a recipe for a breakfast casserole that I think you are going to love! My kids were over the moon with it. This Eggs and Biscuit Gravy Casserole can be made from scratch but if you are jammed on time there are some shortcuts that are super easy! Simply put the casserole in the oven when the kids wake up and it will be done before you are finished opening presents. We are serving the casserole with a Cranberry Ambrosia Salad to brighten the meal.

All I want for Christmas is .....Standing Rib Roast ~ Chad

No joke, these are the words of my husband. The standing rib roast is the most gussy part of our Christmas meal. A Christmas ham is a easy substitute, I would HIGHLY recommend this Ham recipe. When I served it, my family was picking the meat straight off the bone with their hands, and shoving it in their mouths! Super tasty! My sides on the other hand can easily be made in advance and thrown in the oven when time. You may see some recipes that are a repeat from Thanksgiving. That is because they are easy to make in advance, they are traditional.... and my Dad is super picky eater. SERIOUSLY, he probably will only eat the green beans and the rib roast. Sigh.

The Gingerbread Beignets are a little bit labor intensive for Christmas Day, so we are making them as a family for Christmas Eve. It's a fantastic recipe so I added it to the menu just in case you wanted to try them too.

I am very excited to see your creations! Be sure to tag @lethem_eat with the pictures!

Get your Christmas Day Meal Guide Here!! From my family to yours, Merry Christmas!!


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